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Every journey starts with one step , and an inspiring journey like ours has a story to match. We started our long journey in 1963, where we entered the market as a building materials trader . We obtiained sufficient experience in that domain, which allowed us to assist the saudi market’s particular needs.
That was when the idea of establishing the first saudi integrated factory for water tanks, and other fiberglass products become a reality. With the help of God Almighty and our efforts and perseverance, we were able to reap the fruits of our labor. In1982, we opened the first saudi interested factory for water tanks and other fiberglass products.
As per usual, beginnings are always in small steps until the idea grows and expands. We become the first choice in the saudi market and managed to maintain this reputation. In1997, we become to be known as AlMuhaideb National Tanks insteayof the National Polyethylene Company.
We start to create departments for water solutions starting with the first factory for GRP sectional panel water tanks in Saudi Arabia and the technology of soundproofing pipes (silenta) , create new Department of pumps and Filters as well as establishment of the Department of the latest waterproofing technology ( polyurea Spray Technology) all under ( AlMuhaideb National Water Solutions ).

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