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ALASCON is committed to perform our services at the highest level of quality. We constantly aim to improve our quality standards, thus we can never be satisfied regardless of our superior work quality. We are constantly determined to raise the bar higher. Hence, this enables us to always exceed our client expectations in all aspects such as technical expertise, budget and time compliance.

Our rigorous quality standards ensure our quality is consistent. Quality assurance is not only management responsibility but instead quality assurance in instilled in our organization culture. Each individual in our company is concerned with our quality of work regardless of grade or rank. We take price in our workforce responsibly which is shown in their work quality.

Each project we undertake, Quality Plans are implemented, encompassing control measures that ensure the client’s requirements are met, within the specified time, and in line with the budget. We believe in the establishing and evaluating quality objectives for everyone to ensure they are realistic, achievable and measurable taking into account preventive action or outside factors that could prevent the achievement of the objectives. Further we also believe in constant employee development through training and support from the management. Further, quality assurance department will communicate this policy to all employees and staff in such a way that it is properly understood and followed.

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