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From 1972 onwards, we have grown steadily with the State of Qatar, undertaking a broad portfolio of building and civil engineering projects that have changed the face of Qatar and contributed to its status as a society at the forefront of global development. ASCO began its life with the design, planning and supervision of the development of the country’s water supply system. Building upon these early successes, ASCO expanded its portfolio into other sectors, working directly with government bodies on municipal, infrastructure developments, and with local and international clients to complete industrial, commercial and residential projects.

ASCO is now a premier provider of highly skilled consultancy services, with intimate local knowledge and experience, supported by a comprehensive array of specific, high-value design, engineering and management expertise. We have a prodigious portfolio of local and international clients, to whom we promise a total commitment to the highest quality of service and execution, completed and delivered according to rigorously-developed time frames, to meet meticulously planned budgets.

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