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Our diverse portfolio of projects includes work of all types and scales across the globe, and is based on our core commitment to enriching the built environment by creating projects with social, environmental, and aesthetic integrity. The basis of the work is a collective, rigorous exploration of fit and form,driven by ideas about function, place, the form-making process, and the role of design in human settlement. Knowledge and understanding of larger community and environmental issues intensifies the meaningfulness of CICO's work. Members of the firm routinely provide leadership in civic, sociological, and sustainability initiatives.

This commitment allows us to bring a unique perspective to every project that fosters innovation, relevance, and timelessness in the work.

By embracing this broader view, our projects achieve harmony between client, user, site, and community. CICO Consulting Engineers, a multidisciplinary consultancy firm, was founded in Doha in 1967 by Dipl. Eng. Architect Ahmad Cheikha and the late Mohamed Abdullah Al-Attiyah, and has established a sustained growth to become one of the top Architectural & Engineering consultancy firms in Doha. Today the staffing numbers over 50 professionals of all disciplines, an eight fold increase from the 10 staff employed in 1970.

Local knowledge coupled with international experience and proven technical resources are our commitment to quality service. The company's broad experience covers Architectural, Engineering, Construction Supervision and Project Management services for all types of projects. For some large projects, CICO utilizes the assistance of world-class consultants either as a joint venture or as sub-consultants for a particular task of the project.

Initially founded in 1965 in Lebanon as an Architectural Practice, with particular emphasis on Educational Development, the firm moved to Qatar in 1967 and by the early 1970's had developed a strong presence in Qatar.

Branches were established in Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, London and Muscat.

In early 1990 CICO concentrated on works only within the State of Qatar.

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