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FiberWay™ is one of the leading network service companies in Saudi Arabia, providing superior professional services as well as advanced network and application solutions to telecom Services and information technology (IT) networks.
FiberWay™ has achieved rapid growth, earning the trust and confidence of many of the network companies involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of converged voice and data networks, fiber optic network infrastructure, FTTx and LAN.
 With a service team of dedicated and experienced network planners, technical sales & support staff and project implementation experts, FiberWay™ has an established track record in providing end-to-end, fully integrated and optimized solutions for the networks of the future using the best-of-breed solutions and technologies available.
 ” The best people applying best practices for best results”- these words describe FiberWay™ Solutions corporate philosophy and the advantage we bring to network deployment projects, from the conception of an idea to its implementation and beyond.

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