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Halwani Audio began in 1988 in Alkhobar Saudi Arabia.

Borne out of the desire of its owner, equipped with a vast knowledge of MIDI Recording and music, to make a change in the current music scene , Halwani Audio soon evolved to become one of the most copied innovators of audio marketing ideas in Saudi Arabia.

Opening the first commercial mutli-track professional studio in the eastern province which was designed by one of the most prominent studio consultants in the UK this small recording outlet saw the birth of a wave of small to large Recording Studio installations across the country.

Upon the request of Quran reciters to have the same audio quality of their tape recordings in mosques, a different approach to mosque installations was soon to become a market standard forcing the competition to take a completely different turn from their long established public address ways. To this date upgrading mosques using these methods continues throughout the major cities, towns and villages of Saudi Arabia.

Lighting, both intelligent and generic, was a new frontier for Halwani Audio now Halwani Audio Visual. Since 1997, a number of projects were undertaken with great success making HAV a major player in the art of effect and architectural lighting in the region.

Benefiting from their experience in Audio & lighting HAV have established a chain of dealers across Saudi Arabia distributing some of the major brands of Audio & Lighting equipment and offering technical backup , consultancy and service.

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