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Jebel Ali Building Contracting LLC
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Jebel Ali Building Contracting LLC

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     Al Dana Building - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai  UAE
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Jebel Ali Building Contracting LLC is a General Contractors company.

About us

JEBEL ALI BUILDING CONTRACTING GROUP was established in 2000. It is secretly held and claimed primarily by Mr. YOUSUF ALI KHAN. Organizations headquarter is situated in:

P.O.BOX 182255



Telephone: (04) 2210511, 2210531 (OFFICE)

FAX: (04) 2210512, 2210532 (OFFICE)

With office in Dubai.

We have vital work force, gear, mastery and money related fortitude to deal with expansive scope of Projects.

In 2000, Jebel Ali Building Contracting LLC was set up in Dubai.

In 2000, Jebel Ali Building Contracting gathering set up and began with his organization Dar Al Arqam Electromechanical LLC Dubai and this organization began its undertaking in UMM AL QUWAIN. The correspondence side of work is to do MEP work.

In 2001, Jebel Ali Building Contracting set up its another two organizations Dar Al Arqam Contracting LLC Dubai and Dar Al Arqam Bldg. Cont. LLC Sharjah and every one of the three organizations began work in different tasks to the limit of AED 70 Million on turnkey premise which incorporate all controls (Civil, Arch, MEP, BMS, Fire Fighting Etc.) and complete effectively with the assistance of other particular Sub Contractors.

In 2006, JEBEL ALI BUILDING CONTRACTING LLC DUBAI took more 4 extends under Team90 Consultant (112-166 Al Ras, 118-787 Naif, 113-175 Al-Dhagaya, 118-133 Naif) with the name of JEBEL ALI BUILDING CONTRACTING LLC DUBAI.

In 2011, Jebel Ali Building Contracting LLC gathering chose to cover all part of Building Contracting. Thus, Dar Al Arqam Contracting LLC Dubai created and known as DAR AL ARQAM BUILDING MAINTENANCE LLC DUBAI with bunch understanding.

In 2011, JEBEL ALI CONTRACTING LLC took more 6 ventures (Villa 263-1110 Al-Mizhar2 Consultant Dubarch, Villa 227-274 Al Twar Consultant Tijan, 114-260 Al Buteen Consultant Center, 112-339 Al Rass Consultant Center 118-539 Naif Team 90, 118-520 Naif Team 90 which are on the whole effectively finished.

All gatherings of Companies are working with proficient path by solid administration, gifted and persevering labor. We are prepared and composed to focus on the collaboration ( Less information and more yield).



We are ceaselessly included with development organization and site perception on undertakings. Our work incorporates a wide assortment of development ventures, including electrical, and mechanical undertakings. As a full-administration designing firm, it is our training to finish our activities to development consummation, giving the staff important to perform office and field capacities.


We give full-administration HVAC building and discussion administrations. Our architects have the mastery to plan HVAC frameworks for a wide range of structures and applications, going from light business to modern offices.


Our electrical staff is very much prepared to deal with the present complex electrical administration needs. We have the mastery to create refined frameworks, including for help, correspondence, fire insurance, and security. Our electrical plan experience has included huge offices with 1500 KW administrations and little workplaces with standard 120/240-volt administrations, just as multimetered offices for townhouses and condos. Other framework configuration experience incorporates outside, compositionally chosen territory lighting for workplaces, and modern offices.


Our pipes engineers, as a team with our waste treatment experts, plan clean, tempest, and procedure pretreatment frameworks for our customers.


The Building Maintenance Manager is a mutual position with the Construction Management position. This aids coherence and responsibility as new development ventures and restorations that are tended to by the Construction Manager are then overseen by the Maintenance Department at the fitting time.

We offer complete "one quit shopping" for practically all plan controls required on a given venture. This incorporates Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection and Civil Services.

Our logic with each customer is the equivalent: we need to serve you for a considerable length of time and decades, not only for the term of a solitary task.

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