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A group of individual companies in different sectors such as construction, contracting, real-estate

development, Telecommunication services, machinery and equipment’s trade, industry and more

have been established by a Saudi businessmen.

 The aforementioned seed brought about a number of notable companies, and factories engaged in

various individual industrial and commercial practices, yet all joined in working towards one target,

which is offering products and services that fulfil all the needs of these fields under the umbrella of

Al Modon Al Arabia holding Co.

 Al Modon Al Arabia holding Co. has persisted in abiding by an added value to all its products, services

and projects, one of these companies who involved and engaged in the industrial sector is called METARA.

Manufacturing the very high quality Pavers with new understanding of latest German Technology paving

systems as a Partner and Licensee of METTEN-GmbH-Germany.

The main focus was on offering high-quality services and products that means to satisfy clients needs,

at the same time, participating and adding value to the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

as a result, with the objective of meeting the growing demand in the Saudi market.

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