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PRISMA has an illustrious history of 35 years filled with innovation and rapid development, stretching to new horizons of challenging construction market encompassing glass, aluminum and steel structures. PMI has an honor to execute some the finest landmark and monumental structures in the middle east especially in UAE and Saudi Arabia; in Saudi Arabia PMI have built a huge manufacturing facility to meet exuberant demands.

PRISMA puts a huge emphasis on an intensive R & D and a continuous product enhancement endeavor to come up with the innovative solutions to the complex engineering problems. PRISMA has developed an expertise to the solution of transparent building envelopes in single layer structures with optimum structural supports. PRISMA is highly quality conscious where standards of precision and integrity meets the increasing demands of elegance.

PRISMA has highly qualified researchers, engineers, architects and dedicated shop and site staff working together to achieve the highest level of quality. Completion of each project further expands our market arena and enhances our customer retention strategy. In the Middle East, PRISMA has built up a reputation of being a specialized company dealing with customized structures with unique solutions to all components of the building envelope involving steel, aluminum and glass. Thus the main contractor find all solutions under one roof which reduce multi- level coordination hassles.

PRISMA has built state of the art production line, purchasing latest CNC machines, enhancing precision and uninterrupted production. In line with the CNC machines, PRISMA has invested a big deal in development of in-house software which facilitate the data for CNC machines.

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