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Raghadan Paints company

Our company established in 1974 in Saudi Arabia, and then its investments extended to many countries of the GCC and reached the Arab Republic of Egypt, so Raghadan occupied an outstanding position among its competitors; due to what presents of the high quality, competitive prices’ products backed by distinctive service, as well as Raghadan is a preferred agency and had represented many international paint companies and factories.

We are a well-established paints industry company in Saudi Arabia, where our experiences span more than forty years in the Saudi market and Arab GCC countries.

Raghadan Company keens on applying the best international quality specifications; to enhance customers’ confidence. On the other hand, its products also obtained the best standards and quality certificates which assert its products’ qualitative and technical quality. And here are some of the most important certificates it obtained:

-       Saudi standards metrology certificate.

-       Kuwaiti standards metrology certificate.

-       International ISO certificate of quality9001.

-       International ISO certificate of environment 14001.


Raghadan paints are accredited by all public ministries and the public sector’s establishments in Saudi Arabia. It also obtained accreditations from many major consulting and engineering offices, which contributed to the company’s progress including a huge list of major works and projects.


On the other side, Raghadan company presents many services of implementation, designing, and supervision works through a technical team consisting of best-qualified engineers and technicians to implement paints and continuous improvement to keep up with times and applying international specifications and standards.


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