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Dedicated to technical excellence, the supply of quality products and high levels of service; Saudi Industrial Paint Company Limited is one of the most prominent Saudi Arabian manufacturers of Consumer & high-performance coatings. Established and operating since 1982, the company’s success stems from a deep understanding of our core customer’s businesses and processes. Today SIPCO’s products have a strong established track record across the oil & gas, power generation, water & wastewater, and high value infrastructure sectors. Our management team and work force contribute to the international atmosphere present in Saudi Arabia, offering customers the strength of a local organization with international strategy and resources dedicated to local market needs.

Acquisition by Kansai Paint Middle East: In 2017, Kansai Paint Middle East (KPME), completed the acquisition of Saudi Industrial Paint Company Limited (SIPCO). SIPCO now joins a growing family of companies under the Kansai Paint Middle East umbrella to support a global mission of contributing the society through high valued products trusted in a broad variety of fields for protection, beautification, special functionality and environmental sensitivity.

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