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Abdul Karim Alrajhi Steel Company is one of the main steel factories which had a prominent role and agreat participation in the constructional advancement in the kingdom.

The factory had obtained the Saudi quality certificate (saso) and it is approved in all constructional sectors. Since establishing the factory in 2005 around eleven years ago, the factory managed to compete with the biggest and oldest steel producers in the kingdom due to maintaining product quality and due to the credibility of dealing with abroad clients and suppliers.

The production capacity of the factory reaches almost 100,000 tons of steel. The secret  behind  marinating the good quality of the factory products is that we manufacture the raw materials from the raw steel (steel billets used to produce rebar)which conform with the chemical quality and specifications required by the Saudi market ASTM-A615 / 2018 (GR60)

thus, we avoid external interference in the product quality as we follow up this product starting from the scrap raw steel material till its transformed into high resistance   steel.

MR. Abdul Karim Mohammed Abdul-Aziz AL Rajhi, the owner of the company who is also the factory proprietor is the one who directs this factory to success as he had enhanced the relation of the company with the clients and the suppliers by virtue of following a long strategic management policy in the market . All steel companies and traders know well the good reputation of Abdul Karim AL Rajhi, Steel and They Know well also that they are dealing  with  Professional  entity.

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