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The Safa Aluminium Saudi Co. was established in the early 70's as modern Aluminium national company in order to meet the requirements of fabricated Aluminium materials and since then it had mastered in this field up to the present. The main office/factory is located at the Second Industrial City of Dammam, and the showrooms are located at the four main cities. Dammam Showroom is at the 1st Street before the Sheraton Hotel, Khobar Showroom is at King Faisal Road, Hassa Showroom is at Dhahran road, and Riyadh Showroom is located at AI Takasusi street. The company comprises of Four hundred (400) active employees including the management and staff, well-chosen engineers, experienced Aluminium & glass technicians, Aluminium casting experts, stained/decorative glass experienced workers, sand blasting experts, stainless steel technicians and skilled labors. The factory is also equipped with modern machinery in order to keep prompt service to meet customer's satisfaction. The Safa Aluminium Saudi Co. have mastered in almost all types of fabrication of Aluminium & glazing works like doors, windows, curtain wall and structural glazing system, cladding, double-glazing, skylights, sand blasting, kitchen cabinets, stair cases, stained glasses, ceilings, etc. Stainless steel works include, but not limited to, railings/staircases and cladding. It also introduces the use of Aluminium frames with thermal break and high performance glass. We concentrated in using top quality high standard long lasting materials, available in different varieties and attractive colors of Aluminium like White, Bronze, Champagne, Wood colors (in different shades and designs), and powder coated finish (Ral Standard), But mostly, as per the customer's choice. Glasses are usually ordered directly from the manufacturer and sometimes, if demands are high, additional orders are from the local distributors/agents. Most of the materials are imported from the leading manufacturers abroad. We are the direct contractors for all types of the above-mentioned works, including fabrication, proper delivery to site by our own transportation, protection of materials by plastic wrapping and taping during deliveries and installation, proper handling, and adequate installation procedures with the supervision of site engineers and supervisors. We are also approved contractors of Saudi ARAMCO (vendor No. 10013624), SCECO and ROYAL COMMISSION. We are certified with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 as a quality management system for the design, manufacturing and installation of various aluminum works. In addition, our special system SAFARE is proved and reported positively, and passed through air and water tightness standard testing method by TECHNICAL SEAL CO. LTD. We are also an active member of the quality club for constant application of the famous SAVIO&FABIM accessories and mechanisms that allow producing high-quality windows and doors. AL-SAFA is also a certified to be a qualified EXPERT SOMFY installer under No. KSA27/2007. Through the 90's and up to present, we truly proved to be one of the leading factories of similar field. The fast changes on our growth are the result of our well-planned hard work and carefulness in following up the latest technology and information.

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