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na AlSarif Company for Building Material_x005F_x000D_ In 1979, AlSarif Company for Building Material was established as a part of AlSarif Establishment. The company began its commercial production in 1985 to cater the growing demand for concrete products, especially for the Kingdom’s infrastructure development._x005F_x000D_ In order to continue deserving our customers trust, we have made it our mission to continue driving quality, continuous improvement and products diversification._x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ Interlock Tiles Tick 6 8 Cm All Color Available _x005F_x000D_ Kerbstone All Type of Sizes Available_x005F_x000D_ Cement Tiles 40*40*4 & 5_x005F_x000D_ Cable Covering Tiles

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