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At Al Farsi, we believe that the kitchen is the woman’s kingdom and the central gathering venue for the family and this is why we are so keen to focus on the smallest details in the surrounding environment, in terms of lightings, space distribution. Moreover, we added innovative and creative adequate equipments for all ordinary needs or the self-reliance needs for those who with special needs where we were committed to the highest standards in making perfect kitchen installation and proudly after-sales aiming to maintain a good reputation and ensure customer satisfaction ever since the beginning of our journey in 1986.

We offer high quality products manufactured by the best global regional and local producers and we pay attention to the tiny details of your kitchen. For most people, a good kitchen is all about marble and good painting however, our expertise extends all the way to checking the drawer slides and shelf door joints, seeing that long lasting product don’t last unless they are made by quality and durable material and installed careful and precise manner.

To offer the highest standards of customer service, we invested in recruiting a skillful staff with long experience in manufacturing, installation and finishing. Last but not least, as part of our efforts to provide excellent customer service and meet all their needs, we developed a team of creative interior designers, supported by the latest technologies to give professional consultancy while guiding them throughout the whole decision making process.

With all gratitude and appreciation,


Chairman of Board of Directors

Abdulrahman Shaikhan Al-Farsi

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