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Established in 2002, to meet the growing demands, developing infrastructural projects and increasing economic diversification of the Saudi market, Mohamed A. Alhamrani & Company Intertrade Limited (AIT) is split into two key divisions. The first focusing on several product lines, including: Power Generators, Material Handling Products (forklifts), Mobility Scooters. The second, a dedicated Auto Spare Parts Division.

Over the last eleven years, AIT has grown into a company that currently employs over 600 people and is a firm supporter of the government’s initiatives to increase the number of Saudi nationals into the private sector workforce. In fact, the company is placed in the high-ranking “green” category for Saudization (12-39% of workforce are Saudi nationals), proving AIT’s commitment to the initiative and long term prospects for Saudi nationals, in the national workforce. This is achieved by working closely to comply with government policy and adopting a commercial strategy that provides individual businesses, within the AIT group of companies, with flexibility, versatility and the means to succeed.

Having invested heavily in attracting and then building the brand equity of all the machinery and equipment brands in its portfolio, AIT currently has exclusive dealership rights across the Kingdom with: Shinko; Artison; Altia; and Maeda.

Employing over 600 people, AIT employees are largely based in KSA, but the company has representatives as far afield as Japan, China, Taiwan, UAE, India and Pakistan.

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