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The Saudi Commercial Center Maintenance .Est for the maintenance of electrical appliances, air conditioning(AC) and refrigeration is considered to be the first workshop specialized in rebuilding and establishing all electrical generators and transformers of different sizes, with its electrical operational capacities, following the most highly sophisticated technology.

It was established in 1977G, where all the necessary operational equipment in the production of work were imported from Italy, specifically from Sicily, that is well-known for producing devices specialized in measuring the operational capacities of generators and electrical transformers, with capabilities that exceed the new ones in order to ensure a longer service in relation to its operational life after the repair, which has earned the workshop and its workers an excellent reputation that achieved sustainability and great confidence with all those dealing with the workshop, including companies, institutions and individuals.

The service quality, competitive prices, and long life span of re-repaired, rehabilitated devices have been considered and thus saves more than 50% of the value of the new devices. 

The workshop has been launched under the supervision of USA administration and an Italian technical team, that included technical cadres from Philippines and India which used the most expensive types of spare parts imported from USA and Italy. 

Due to the great reputation of the workshop among all its dealers, it has proven its continuity at the market; and most importantly, it follows in its work the application of all international standards, including the quality and specifications, which are worked on with perfection in order to preserve the interest of its valued customers.

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