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In 1953 AL KHONAINI TRADING & COMMISSION CO. was founded by Late Mohammed Abdullah Al Khonaini, situated at Safat Area in Kuwait, mainly dealing in Generators business.


In 1956 Mr. Ahmed Al Katami had joined with Mr. Mohammed Al Khonaini as partner, and the title of the Company was changed to AL KHONAINI & AL KATAMI TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. WLL.

The Company was engaged in the field of Contracting & Trading, dealing in Constructions, Sales and Maintenance of Light & Heavy Construction Machinery and Equipment’s, Decoration materials, Fire Fighting Equipment’s and Materials, Specialized Waterproofing Systems, Home & Office Furniture’s, Automobiles Tires and Electrical Contracting.


In 2001 the Heirs of Late Mohammed Al Khonaini acquired all shares of partnership, and the Company’s title has been changed to AL KHONAINI GENERAL TRADING & CONTRACTING CO.WLL, continuing their Commercial operation, and diversified their business activities in several new fields of business.


By the Grace of ALLAH, and hardship of the Company’s Management, the Company has passed & overcome through several commercial and economic recessions, wars, and pandemic conditions, and it become more and more stronger than ever before.

The Company’s name become well known and it has successfully placed in one of the top leading and oldest business houses in Kuwait.


  • Mona Mohammad Al-Khonaini
  • Chairperson of the Board of Directors
  • Eng. Ghassan Mohammad Al-Khonaini
  • General Manager
  • Shaikha Mohammad Al-Khonaini
  • Deputy General Manager

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