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na Etisal was founded in 2003 as a new member of the Riadaa Group to be the call center arm of the group. The “Riadaa” group was founded in 1998 as an operation and services company with 280 employees and grew into 4 companies (Riadaa Marketing & Operations, Riadaa Security services, Etisal International and Hands-On). _x005F_x000D_ Mission_x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ “To provide distinct innovative contact centre services; to maximize our added value through focus and commitment to quality, employing the best people, implementing best business practices and providing the latest state of the art technologies in voice switching and data processing.”_x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ Vision_x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ “To become a leading dynamic business partner committed to providing innovative contact centre services which enables our partners to focus on their core business. ”
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