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System formwork was almost unknown before the start of the 1950s. Instead, concrete was cast in forms that were individually made for each project out of square-edged timber and boards. As these forms could usually be used only once, this approach was very time consuming and costly. 

Against this background, Georg Meyer-Keller became a pioneer in his field and developed a formwork system patented in 1952 that could be used universally and above all multiple times. He made constructing with concrete not only much simpler but also quicker and appreciably cheaper. No wonder the new formwork system found success on the market so quickly.

This universal formwork system was originally marketed through construction plant dealer Jakob Noe. It soon became known to the trade as “NOE Schalung”. But selling formwork elements alone soon seemed no longer enough. Georg Meyer-Keller quickly realised the increasing importance of providing advice and designing formwork for individual construction projects. This led to the founding of NOE-Schaltechnik Georg Meyer-Keller KG on 1 October 1957, which is now NOE-Schaltechnik Georg Meyer-Keller GmbH + Co. KG.

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