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The Office of the engineer Saif al-Din Muhammad Burhan consultative entity in 1411/10/14 Solidarity With Engineer Munir Hassan Cindy " innovative designs " until the year 1427. As the trend toward urban planning OMRANIYOUN was founded 2007, where I was keen on providing professional advisory services in the areas of urban planning and architectural designs engineering consultation, supervision and management of projects, has been made a part of its ambition being accomplished through a number of projects in distinct within a short period of time. The organizational structure of the company include a group of more than 70 administrative and technical staff and engineers and specialists, all of whom are working on a full-time basis with the company. The developing world OMRANIYOUN formed a team of architects and City Planners' sites coordinators internal design engineers, engineers and space soil mechanics, backed by backed by the Administrative Assistant, high efficiency, which could be the performance of his works to the fullest and highest level of efficiency. Intrinsic solidarities professional with a number of specialized companies. Outside the Kingdom Physical Planning Department Major real estate development projects. Architectural designs and studies. environmental studies. Integrated feasibility studies. Road traffic networks designs solutions transport systems. Studies of infrastructure. geological and hydro geological studies. studies raise spatial geographic information systems GIS show architectural construction designs. Quad design Take a company OMRANIYOUN method of joint work with clients, where is the formulation of project ideas on the basis of complementarily and communicate with the owner and his representatives through direct workshops and meetings and networking continued to achieve the objectives of the project customer satisfaction.

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