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SAMIROCK Company specializes in mining works, Geological surveying, exploration and excavation for wells and tunnels.

The company has a long and wide experience in the mentioned fields of work since 1993, In addition to trading in heavy equipment and related spare parts.

The company strives to implement zero defect policy in execution of Its contracts namely in the various phases of the contracted Project.

In doing so SAMIROCK is always very close to its clients which resulted in timely positive and smooth progress of the project, such an approach received admiration from clients in different sectors.

Within our company, we always pay attention to the human element and believe that our previous successes are a direct result of the sincere efforts of our employees and also by activating the company's policies to ensure customer satisfaction.

SAMIROCK Company is considered one of the pioneers in the field of rock cutting, as the company focused on directing efforts towards large or urgent projects, and the company also provides technical and logistical support for small projects.

The company is considered one of the very few companies specializing in rock blasting works that are extremely difficult in densely populated urban areas, and this is evident through the following projects; Jabal al-Kaaba (Abdul Latif Jameel Company), Citadel Mountain (King Abdulaziz Endowment) and Jabal Omar development in Makkah, all are meters away from the Grand Mosque.

Through the company's headquarters in Jeddah and its two branches in Makkah and Jubail, the name and reputation of the company extends far beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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