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United Matbouli Group (UMG) is one of the prominent players in the Kingdom’s consumer electronics market. Established in early 1990s, we have grown over a journey of almost 3 decades, learning through and building a brand reputation as one of the leading family-owned electronics distribution companies in Saudi Arabia.

We carry a legacy, a responsibility and commitment to build a strong market base for brands we distribute across the Kingdom. Armed with a network of 11 strategically located branches, sophisticated warehousing facilities, 11 service centers, modern fleet of vehicles and 23 brand shops in the Kingdom, UMG has proven to be a strategic partner for the world’s leading electronics company, Samsung. With our inherent ability to be agile and the relentless pursuit of market growth, UMG became the sole distributor for Samsung Consumer Electronics in 1991.

At the center of our world lies our customers. The concept of excellence in customer service is the driving force behind every decision we make. Nurturing our relationship with household consumers, UMG signed an agency agreement with a leading Italian home appliance brand, Tecnogas in 2013.

Today, we take pride in being a leading customer-centric electronics distribution company in Saudi Arabia.

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