AG Corporation FZE

Saif Zone - Sharjah - UAE

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AG Corporation is an expertly overseen wellbeing provider and administrations organization, which gives premium quality security types of gear and items. First settled in 2010, it has now turned into a quick rising corporate player, serving fantastic security items, in a broad scope of business sectors. Throughout the years, it has become a one-stop goal for all security related hardware's and items. Situated in SAIF ZONE, at Sharjah and distribution center in Dubai, it takes into account the requirements of an expanded scope of customers, transcendently concentrating on the oil and gas industry, spread everywhere throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Gulf Co-task Council (GCC) nations.

 Decided on giving firm quality to our clients, we manage the premium in security organizations, for example, the HUGHES SAFETY SHOWERS LTD, UK, HONEYWELL Inc. USA/EUROPE, CAPITAL SAFETY GROUP (DBI-SALA/PROTECTA) USA/EUROPE, MCR Safety USA ( MEMPHIS GLOVES , CREWS GLASSES, MAX COMFORT FR and RIVERCITY GARMENTS) CENTURION SAFETY PRODUCTS LTD ,UK , PAFTEC ( CLEAN SPACE ) Australia and KERMEL , FRANCE. As Masters in Safety and Fall Protection our product offering incorporates these perceived premium makers in the business in this way offering a wide scope of brands and items for our benefactors to look over. Through broad research by our advertising innovative work division, joined with inventive and the consistently recovering frame of mind of our industry-experienced experts, AG Corporation is presently the most favored name in security hardware, fall assurance items and wellbeing embellishments, in this district. In the oil and gas business, AG Corporation obliges security gear, its establishment, authorizing, fixing and preparing needs of every one of its candidates in the upstream and in the downstream.

AG Corporation exercises include:

  • Production network Management (Supplying and Warehousing)
  • Turnkey Safety Supplier
  • Administration Center
  • Oil and Gas Projects Consumables Procurement
  • Our product offerings are ordered into four fundamental sorts
  • Temperature controlled Safety Showers and Eye Wash/Portable Eye Wash Equipments
  • Fall Protection and Rescue Equipments
  • Helps Individual Protective Equipments (PPE)