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Amana Contracting & Steel Buildings


Amana's promise to add up to customer fulfillment starts with our vision of turning into the prevalent pioneer of quick track development in the Gulf mechanical and business commercial center, conveying all out answers for our customers. We firmly trust that our capacity to accomplish our vision is reliant on fulfilling and holding our expert customers who comprehend and esteem the component of time investment funds. We additionally solidly trust that our differing workforce and system of providers and subcontractors with inventive thoughts, foundations and expertise is an instrumental fixing to the achievement of our central goal. To be very fruitful in the aggressive Gulf showcase and so as to support our upper hand we have put vigorously in building up our own exclusive data innovation stage which fills in as our ERP and our undertaking coordinated effort instrument. Trustworthiness, dependability and responsibility are profoundly exemplified in our organization esteems, and our human asset approaches. It is the mission of our top administration to shield the interests of our customers and our workers since the previous is our future riches and the last is our scholarly resource.


Services offered:

  • Our resolute expectation of holding our customers.


  • Our capacity to draw in, hold, create and bolster a world-class workforce that is very much prepared to address the difficulties of things to come.


  • Our responsibility to enable each representative to accomplish his/her maximum capacity


  • Our enthusiasm to dependably flourish with our creative reasoning


  • Our viable commitment with our joint-adventure accomplices


We are focused on emphatically sway the personal satisfaction in which we work and from where our different workforce comes.