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Design Concepts is an Architectural & Engineering Consultancy Firm with UNLIMITED licence of Dubai & Sharjah Municipalities, specialising in Urban Planning & Architectural Designs. Established in 1983 (over 37 Years completed), it is committed to creative designs, technical excellence and developing superior and cost effective solutions for its clients. Headquarters’ in Dubai at Business Bay, Design Concepts has won over 1000 projects in various disciplines in architecture across the UAE and other countries. It has gained recognition for integrating state of the art designs with project management.

For over thirty-five years, the firm has been providing consulting services in a broad range of specialty areas. Design Concepts commitment to technical excellence ensures that our client’s interest is met and surpassed. As the economy moves forward, future architectural challenges will require sound project planning & management, creative solutions and technological innovations. Design Concepts is ready to accept these challenges and provide their clients with the expertise to accomplish their goals.


Architecture, an integral part of human civilization, has been the key link between culture, art, science, and technology. Although architecture began as a provision for the fundamental human need of shelter, it has evolved into a sphere that contributes to all human activities. Fundamentally it becomes the means through which we can define new

spaces and put our mark on nature’s landscape. As architects we continually strive to find the balance between function and design, in order to reflect current socio-economic circumstances.

Architecture encompasses much more than mere house designing. It transcends the borders of art & technology and unknowingly touches every aspect of life. Architecture interacts with socio-economical, cultural changes and creates testaments on the time scale. Yet it is always fresh and young catching incredible shapes in infinite space. It is the unending improvisation of the good old lifestyle and the ever unfolding puzzle of time and space. It fulfills functional complexity with order and simplicity. It reflects the implicit peace, harmony and bliss behind the apparent chaotic, complex and uncertain universe.

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