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L ADEL AUTO DOORS is a company of BENINCA GROUP specialized in the production of systems able to respond to the ever increasing demands in terms of security of residential, public or commercial environments. The AL ADEL AUTO DOORS range includes bollards for traffic protection or management, pedestrian gates of various types and systems for access control.  SMART MOVING for the company is therefore not only a pay-off, but a promise of reliability that is reflected in the study and continuous research of innovative solutions that can improve the mobility of people and things in various daily contexts.  BENINCA AL ADEL AUTO DOORS not only offers individual products, but a whole world made of systems that can improve people's lives with particular attention to the issues of energy efficiency and eco-compatibility. All this through the study and application of simple and intuitive technologies that make our movements fast and safe with maximum simplicity.  Reliability for AL ADEL AUTO DOORS is above all synonymous with quality . The search for innovative solutions passes through precise production choices. The design and production strictly managed inside make AL ADEL AUTO DOORS one of the protagonists together with the other companies of the Benincà holding group.