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ALBAYAN KITCHEN EQUIPMENT LLC began in 1982. It was when Mr. Ali Zrik, CEO of AL BAYAN, built a company name AL DAIFFA REFRIGERATION AND KITCHEN EQUIPMENT in Damascus, Syria. It was one of the leading companies back then.

In 1990, Mr. Zrik’s son; Eng. Hussam Zrik conducted workshops for refrigeration and kitchen equipment. The products were distributed to different countries like Jordan, Lebanon & Saudi Arabia. After 20 years of service and experience, AL BAYAN gained its fame and power. Afterwards, they relocate in UAE and became the first showroom they built and was located in Sharjah. It was named AL BAYAN RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES TRADING. It was the beginning of their journey towards success.

Two years after, Eng. Hussam Zrik expanded the company and built its second branch in Salah Al Din Road. Another branch was constructed in Naif near Al Futtaim Mosque. In 2012, they opened their biggest showroom in Al Ghandi Building after Abu Baker Metro Station which also serves as their main office. Now, AL BAYAN’s newest showrooms are in Abu Dhabi and in Industrial Area, Sharjah.

The success of ALBAYAN is a product of perseverance and key to our success are faith, strong will and great motivations. Come do business with a friendly, professional heavy-duty equipment supply company! Contact us today!