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Salman Nursery has been established in Friday Market, Masafi in 1996. It wasn't long before the demand for a larger variety of plants led the nursery to begin buying plants from all over the state and re-wholesaling them at a competitive price. Our business expanded to several locations. After some years we established our own farms in Masafi and Dibba. We grow most of our products in containers for one or more growing seasons. Wholesale quantities are typically sold in bundles of generally 10 to 100 plants. We propagate our nursery stock from both seed and rooted cutting into containers for one or more growing seasons depending on the plant mate Today Salman Group is a leading supplier of indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and soil to landscape architects, contractors, owners and managers of multi-housing, lodging and commercial properties. At our nursery, you will find reliable service, quality, and a wide selection of nursery products you can purchase with confidence. Our sales team never stops negotiating with our customer's partner manufacturers for the best possible deals, the more you buy, the more you save!

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