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welcome to Sharmetal Company (SMC), the largest Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metal exporters and processors throughout the Middle East region. Navigating through our website enables you to access various products and services and further furnishes you with a vivid panoramic picture of our company "SHARMETAL".

Sharmetal Company (SMC) is an International trading company in the field of metals scrap with many yards that stretch all over the Middle East and east Europe providing top notch service to customers worldwide.

Our several offices/facilities are very well equipped with advanced machines and processors coupled with highly experienced staff and a sophisticated management information system.

We handle about 10,000 mt/month of non-ferrous and 60000 mt/month of ferrous metals.

Mission Statement

Since its foundation in 1950, SMC's core policy has been satisfying all needs and requirements of its customers by delivering scrap metals of tailor made quality combined with high speed & Efficiency to all over the globe.

Member of ISRI & BIR

SMC is a long standing member of ISRI, a Golden member of BIR & THE BIR AMBASSADOR for the Middle East Region. Empowered by sound reputation of reliable quality & superior delivery service, Sharmetal remains the leading metal scrap exporter & processor in the Middle East.