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Al Majarrah Equipment Company LLC


From humble beginnings, the Al Majarrah Group has risen as one of the noticeable instrument houses and focus point for equipment and carport types of gear. Set up in the year 1988, the Al Majarrah Group has advanced into a multimillion association with branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In spite of the fact that the business setup was for the most part identified with equipment supply, we needed to grow our business to different fields essentially because of the interest from our customers for different other mechanical items.




  • Power Tools
  • Claw Couplings
  • Impact Sockets
  • Garage Equipments
  • Hexagon Ballpoint
  • Pumbs
  • Ball Valves
  • Pliers
  • Welding Tools
  • Cable Reels




  • Global Sourcing Services
  • International Sales
  • Project Services