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Blue Amber Technical Services LLC is committed to providing your home or office with the complete range of maintenance and cleaning services in Dubai that include painting services, deep cleaning services for your villa or office, gypsum partition wall, COVID-19 disinfection and more as per your requirement. .

Our services are delivered in such a way that productive efficiency is attained while assuring that you get the quality of the highest standards. We also take special care to ensure your health and the safety of our employees at the workplace are not compromised by taking effective precautions and using cleaning and painting material of the highest quality as mandated and approved by the Dubai Municipality. Our growing customer base is proof of the professional work that we do. From painting services for your villa to deep cleaning services for your office, our team of experts is trained to identify and fulfill all your requirements in the best possible way at the most affordable prices. We aim to establish long lasting relations with you by giving your home or office the makeover it deserves. .