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Dubuild Contracting Company LLC

Building is Our Forte

Extraordinary work is conceived when enthusiasm, vitality and collaboration meet up. At DUBUILD, we have this blend perfectly! Our crave flawlessness, energy for doing stunning things and the energetic eagerness to succeed have helped us cut a specialty in the development market of the locale.

Since the season of beginning in the year 2008, Dubuild Contracting LLC has concentrated on quality and every one of our activities bear the seal of greatness. We have effectively finished various necessities of our customers – renovation works for workplaces, modern and social insurance premises and development of mega mechanical, business, and private structures.


Civil Engineering

The success of any land development project – from single-family residential projects to master-planned communities, to business parks depends on and requires an engineer and engineering firm having an understanding of the basic needs of the project. It also requires the technical background to perform services such as planning and design of water, sewer, paving and drainage systems, and plat preparation.

Infrastructure & Superstructure

Infrastructure services have an important position just as construction services. Thus, we aim to develop the projects in accordance with the needs and the topography. We utilize state of the art technologies in the whole process of construction from developing project to project management, from supply to logistic, from human resources to mobilization of machinery.


We provide proper maintenance for all the projects and specialize in reactive maintenance and refurbishment of properties, both domestic & commercial.