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A meticulous fusion of traditional Craftsmanship and forward-thinking sophistication. FRATO’s unique interior lifestyle concept is inspired by the world’s rich mix of cultures and most magnificent places. Characterised by luxurious levels of quality and comfort, our international aesthetic is sought-out by discerning and distinguished clients across the globe, from Europe and America to Asia.

Established in 2010 in the merchant city of Porto in Portugal, FRATO is proud to be a family-run company in a world full of corporations and conglomerates. In fact, this is such an important and empowering part of who we are that it inspired our insignia.


A unique portmanteau, FRATO is a combination of the names of the founders’ two sons and a playful take on the word fraternity. It is a moniker with lineage, one that perfectly encapsulates our business values, and our desire to nurture integrity, authenticity and honesty in all of our endeavours. It also represents our appreciation for all those that work with us, each valued employee and their kin regarded as an extension of the FRATO family.


From its beginnings as a high-end jewellery house, over time FRATO organically grew into a luxury interiors label, one that applies the same artisanal approach and jeweller’s eye for detail to each of its exquisite furniture pieces. The result is a carefully crafted collection of pieces for the home that reimagines heritage shapes and glamorous materials in a way that feels both refreshingly original and eternally elegant.