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Haute Bohème is born from the heart and vision of Kym Jackson Shen, a woman who loves travel, culture, family, interiors, beauty and laughter. As a 20-year-old she was swept up in her life’s journey which began in Japan where she was based in the melting pot that is Tokyo before exploring the many diverse countries and locations in Asia. The next 7 years was spent sailing the high seas onboard luxury super yachts which took her to all corners of the globe and a few trans-Atlantic Ocean crossings in between.

It’s here she met her sailor husband and they ultimately returned to land and chose Dubai as their home with their 2 girls. Even though Kym is a true gypsy at heart, she possesses a great love of the finer things which led them to create the Lakehouse Villas, an urban retreat within the city. Once inside, the noise of the city fades, and guests will have that sense of serenity that can only be described as home.