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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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HHS Lawyers is a multi-disciplinary firm consisting of lawyers and legal consultants with a strong commitment to its clients. The firm’s qualified attorneys stay ahead of developments and changes in UAE legislation and practices to offer an array of bespoke legal services to individuals and businesses alike.

The quality of our legal services and value we provide remain unrivalled in the UAE. Our senior lawyers and legal consultants deliver quality advice and comprehensive legal solutions that work in today’s realities.

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Our Core Areas of Legal Practice

We put absolute focus on our core areas of legal practice to ensure we provide clients the specific depth of expertise they expect. We successfully closed more than a thousand cases and received awards and recognitions in a span of over three decades.

As a market-leading UAE law firm, our clients choose our legal expertise, ability to connect, and outstanding team of legal advisers for the following:

  • Insolvency and Liquidation Law
  • Wills, Trust, and Probate Law
  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Tax/VAT Law
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Property and Construction Law
  • Banking and Islamic Finance Law