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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Office Furniture

Establlshed in 2007, Highmoon Office Furniture has been catering to its clients with flawlessly designed office furniture all over Middle East. With a long history of success in the past years, we possess a long-standing tradition of exceeding our client expec tations by facilitating a wide range of customizable office furniture, educational furniture and flooring options.

We specialize in going the extra mile to design your office space in the best possible manner, keeping in mind your specific needs. Highmoon has an 8000 sq. ft office furniture showroom in Dubai which houses 50+ best models of executive desks, 15+ designs of reception desks, 100+ types of comfortable chair de­ signs, 20+ different workstation furniture , 20+ conference table designs and much more.

We are a family of charismatic individuals who possesses an ever-approachable personality dedicated to administering its clients with product search and advice, prompt delivery, after sales service and profes­ sional expertise. The experienced consultants at Highmoon help you to make the right choice by explain­ ing in depth knowledge about the product you are about to buy. They make sure to provide you a 30 model of the product you have customized or selected and work seamlessly to deliver the product with high customer satisfaction .