• About

TouchActiv is a company specialized in the harnessing the power and capabilities of integrated variable optical transparency films, famous by the name of “smart glass”. These films, which are used mainly in interior architecture, can change their status from translucent / opaque to transparent in a few milliseconds under the ‘action of an electric control allowing control of the privacy of multiple indoor or outdoor applications.

TouchActiv offers PDLC film and switchable glass in the GCC countries. Architects and designers are now using switchable film/glass when designing commercial buildings and government buildings like classrooms, boardrooms, residential houses, villas, shopping malls, home windows, hotels, control centres, etc. Enjoy the privacy, less heat and UV resisted energy saving environment with TouchActiv smart film and glass technology.

At TouchActiv, we believe there is a lot left to discover in PDLC and glass. Out there in the open market, there are brilliant ideas, clever designs and breath-taking wonders waiting to be made against the chorus of ‘It can’t be done.’ We at TouchActiv, prefer to explore the frontiers of what is possible in glass. We are excited to take this journey with our partners as we see the possibilities and potential of the market and the solutions we can provide together.

We are a dynamic leader in the market prepared to use every last drop of our knowledge and skills to deliver innovative privacy glass solutions.

It’s our common ground of passion, innovation and dedication to quality that drives TouchActiv forward.

Our Vision

TouchActiv is committed to technological innovation and production of Smart Films for Architecture and the Real Estate Industry. Our vision is to be the leading company in providing Smart Films and Smart Glass solutions through partnership and business collaborations.