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T.ZED Architects is a progressive, international architecture and design practice. Based in Dubai and Luxembourg, the firm focuses on delivering niche projects for clients across the Middle East and around the world that have a culturally relevant component to the development of the contemporary architecture of the region.

T.ZED Architects has completed several commercial and cultural projects in the UAE, most notably KOA Canvas, Akin Barber Shop, Corcel, S›wich Gourmet and 8th Street Studios, The Cocoon and Ataraxia, including an award-winning, high-end residential project.

T.ZED Architects ongoing interest in developing a timeless, solid and contextual architecture has developed into various submissions for international architectural competitions, as well as a continuous execution of detail-rich, contextually relevant projects in residential, commercial and cultural sectors. The practice’s forward-thinking vision is to contribute to the evolution of the regional architecture while devising a modern design language at an international level.

Deeply rooted in the process of design and making, the firm considers materiality, programme and details to be at the very core of each project’s identity and purpose. The skilled and professional approach is not limited by scale or function, since pure architectural thinking is applied to each building, interior, urban intervention, design piece and research-led project.

T.ZED Architects delivers projects and engages in cultural activities that shape the built-environment while developing a regional contemporary architecture movement that goes beyond superlatives and past ambitions. The contribution to the UAE and Middle Eastern landscape is an ‘opportunity’ for Founder and Director Tarik Al Zaharna. He says ‘as architects we have the power to address those fragmented moments of architecture present in our urban environments, and to contextualize them as a collective effort to address the urban fabric and desert landscape we inhabit. This is perhaps one of the ways in which the built environment has influenced the way we think, feel, behave and now speak. The relevance and importance of architecture is infinite. These are ideas and notions that have kept me here for almost a decade and have pioneered the way we approach architecture and design at T.ZED Architects’.

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