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Al Musthafa is a boutique exterior design and landscaping company. Based in Dubai and operating here for many years, we have knowledge and passion for what we do.

Our professional team skills include designing, engineering, and a plant specialist, all are experienced in the climatical challenges facing the region.

Passion and creativity is the core of our design process, along with respect for the importance your home space plays in your life. Whatever the budget, size, space and expectations, we will work coherently to meet your needs.

The Landscaping industry has evolved over the years in Dubai. It is competitive, and it is also culturally diverse. This can be seen as a challenge in a city where “one size fits all” is the design norm. But at Lakehouse, that cultural diversity is exactly what we love as we get to design and experiment with creativity in a personal space. The wide range of personal tastes here expands the palette of what we can, and the ideas we can offer.

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