Barracuda E/M Contracting Co. L.L.C.

M-2 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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It is my pleasure to be Managing Director of Barracuda Electromechanical Contracting Company, which was established in 2002 with the sole objective of becoming a leader in the field of Electromechanical (MEP Works). To achieve this objective, the company has paid more attention to various forms of business giving priority to quality and sustainability. Now, after several years of hard work, Barracuda Electromechanical Contracting Company has been able to occupy one of the top ranks of the MEP work in UAE. The company will continue to strive for growth and development and will not stop at any ambitious point. Our employees are the focus of our attention. The key to all our development plans. We believe that no success is achieved without a strong team of dedication, innovation and sophistication. To build such a team, the company constantly seeks to train them on the latest methods to develop and maintain performance.