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PYRAMIS United Arab Emirates

PYRAMIS METALLOURGIA is a “Kitchen & bathroom integrated solutions” provider. It is ranked among the biggest sinks producers worldwide (total production capacity above 1.500.000 pcs. of stainless steel sinks per year). In Greece, it is the leading company into the sinks sector. International business activities, counts for more than 70% of total company’s turnover. The company develops and maintains strong and long-lasting business relations with major global key accounts.

Today, the brand name of Pyramis is well established and well known all over the world. The company has exported its products to more than 65 countries all over the world, decades and so far. In addition, to promote exports, an effective sales network has been established around the world by establishing nine branches serving as the parent company in nine countries.

In order to achieve the growing demand for our products in the international markets, the company has decided to modernize the management approach in order to achieve the following:

  1. a) A distributed, purposeful and efficient distribution network.
  2. B) developing products according to the tastes and requirements of various customer needs; and
  3. c) Communication and marketing activities aimed at raising awareness of the brand and the image of the company.


the kitchen

  • Stainless steel tubs
  • Pyragranate basins
  • Kitchen Basin Mixers
  • Food waste
  • kitchen tools
  • Project equipment
  • Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
  • Pressure cookers