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Tad Metals FZE is a piece of a worldwide gathering working in the preparing and dissemination of hardened steel items (level, cylinders and bars), carbon and chromed items (tubes, bars), instrumentation and control valves for water driven chambers and mechanical applications. The Group's topographical degree covers the European, Middle East and Asian markets.

The Group's center business is to offer some benefit added items and administrations to "End User" clients, who require handling of their tempered steel materials to satisfy their material necessities.

Smidgen Specialty Metals Group works through the accompanying organizations/brands: TCA S.p.A. (Italy), C.F.A.I. S.r.l. (Italy), TAD Long Products S.r.l. (Italy), TAD Metals FZE (Dubai) and TAD Inox Gulf FZE (Dubai).

The Group offers its items and administrations to clients working in the accompanying ventures: Process, Chemical, Petrochemical, Mechanical and Hydraulic applications, Construction, Furniture and White Goods, and Automotive, where it bolster these clients through tweaked "without a moment to spare" arrangements.

The Group's has created strong capabilities in each part of the worth chain of the treated steel industry: from assembling, hardened steel level and long items (cylinders and bars) preparing, dissemination and exchanging of tempered steel subsequent option level materials, and multi-metals handling and exchanging.


Smidgen Metals FZE basically works in the conveyance, exchanging and handling of hardened steel items as curls, limited strips, sheets, groups and cylinders. Through the administration focus TAD Inox Gulf FZE, the tempered steel level items are prepared and circulated to different nearby and abroad markets


Touch Metals FZE works as an associating point inside the market, permitting little and medium-sized end clients access to items from the significant makers at world level, making accessible products of the best quality, configurations, completes and time periods, as required by the client. Smidgen Metals buys merchandise from significant steelworks, through understandings that assurance it a steady accessibility of materials, which it at that point changes as per the requests of various customers, as far as item sizes, lengths and widths, thicknesses, just as giving the required surface getting done with (cleaning, reflecting, hair line, silk complete, scotchbright).


  • Stainless Steel Products (Flat, Tubes And Bars)
  • Carbon and Chrome Plated Products (Tubes, Bars)
  • Instrumentation Control Valves For Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Mechanical Applications